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Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
This isn't true at all.

We need a new HC and QB for sure.

After that it's a short list: WR (perhaps not a huge need if Breaston and Bowe are both back), CB, DL.

Lots of pieces in place.
Your D allowed Cleveland to blow you out. Your OL is terrible. Charles is good but you don't have a short yardage RB. One avg/below avg TE, Baldwin is terrible, Bowe is gone or they will over pay for him either way he disappears in games and drops too many balls, Did I mention how bad your OL is? DT's are garbage, you need at least 1 good run stopping LB, a 2nd and nickle CB and 1 Safety. Throw in a total FO and coaching staff overhaul and your looking at a 3 -4 year rebuild, maybe 2-3 if done right.

Good luck thinking a HC and QB will turn you in to instant winners.
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