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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I remember when MTV played this video every hour on the hour in 1982 along with other horrible vids that have scarred me for life by one off vid pop The Flirts and whatnot. Blecch
Yup ... I was reminiscing about that to LABF. And speaking of "scars," how about the video Icehouse by Icehouse from the album Icehouse?

Btw - I've been dredging up lots of this early-mid 80s stuff the past few days. Other tunes that (imho) hold up well - stand the test of time - include Erasure's 'Send Me an Angel', Donny Iris' 'Ah Leah!', Flock of Seagulls' 'Wishing', and a couple of those Men at Work numbers. Human League songs were not what I remembered, neither was Asia's 'Heat of the Moment.' And, oddly enough, neither is Bowie's 'China Girl.' (BTW- If anybody has mp3 of the LIVE versions of Danzig's 'Mother' or the Floaters' 'Float On' ... lemme know.)

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