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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
2 weeks ago about this time, there were a ton of new KC fans here, reminding us how their defense was as good as the 2000 Ravens and Manning's neck was going to implode under the Houston/Hali pass rush.

I found the whole spectacle more amusing than annoying.

Where did they all go? I mean, sure there is on occasional Bob or KCStud sighting, but what happened to the other prominent notablles like Rausch 2.0, Shox, Chiefsteak, Chiefskingdom, ZachKC, TopekaRoy, RoyC75, etc?

I'm just sayin - been awful quiet around these parts.
Broncos sparked the Chiefs downslide. Ever since then they have all dissapeared. It was funny how cocky they were when they were 9-0 though, and now they are proud that they can hang with the broncos. They did a total 180. It was hilarious hearing them say the pass rush was going to destroy Manning in the cold weather, and they got 0 sack and 0 knockdowns, and gave up 27 pts when they were 100% healthy and broncos were banged up.
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