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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
Incorrect. Was a huge proponent of their site, in fact turned most of the people at mane on to it. What they do is no more special than the others, with the lone exception being that they soley cover the Broncos. What opinions are there to disagree with? They do nothing more than regurgitate and provide links from other sites making it easier for the less skilled or lazy navigators of the web.

Hope that helps.

I'm not sure you can claim that you turned "most people" on to the site. But moving past that...

The daily link dump is not great writing, but they do find everything there is to find from a variety of sources, and do a pretty good job of breaking down what's in each link. If that was all they did, you might be on to something, but it's not.

Ted does a marvelous job at breaking down specifics in the passing game and defense, and Doc Bear has had some REALLY excellent work on a variety of subjects, none of which were just "The Lard" link dump.
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