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Kush & Irsay

Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
What's so funny? Hansen "excelled playing in the slot". He basically got caught up in a numbers game. The Eagles kept 11 Defensive Lineman and Boykin returns punts and plays gunner on special teams. Hansen is a solid nickel guy.

Boykin was a first round talent that fell because of a history of concussions and he broke his leg in the senior bowl.

But hey, dont let the facts get in the way of some weak "smaque" talk.

"Solid nickle guys" don't get released. Not to mention the remaining corners are a joke, both on the wrong side of 30 both released by their former teams, neither could start anywhere else in the NFL.

As per Gary Horton of Scouts Inc has to say on the subject..

The projected starters who have been brought in: guard Mike Brisiel and cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer.

You look who has come and who has gone, and its scary, Horton said. I like Mike Brisiel. He will help. But the two cornerbacks are just guys. They are not starters for a good team. The defense needs improvement and I dont see it. All I see is the loss of talent. Where is the coverage coming from? Where is the pass-rush coming from?

I hope the "facts" don't get in the way of your rebuttal...

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