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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
I know Philly is trying to send him out West which is completely moronic. How many years does Iverson have left at an uber all-star level? Four? So who cares what he does in the next four seasons because you aren't trading him for the sake of trading him, you are trading him because you are rebuilding. You get the best deal, period. That is the short sightness of GM's. They aren't looking out for the franchise, they looking out for themselves.

So you trade Iverson to Denver, right. You get back, best case scenario, Andre Miller and Marcus Camby. What you got then? You are one of the oldest teams in the league and you STILL SUCK. How stupid is that? Even if they throw in two first round draft picks, they are going to be at the end of the first round and all you get is high priced role players. Does that make sense? They get no cap relief, no youth to build around, and they are in the same boat as they were before they made the trade -- out of the playoffs.

Don't worry about the next four freaking seasons, BK, worry about the future of the franchise. Make the power move, secure Philly some talented youth for your franchise to market.
Precisely why I said that there would have to be a third team involved for Iverson to be sent to Denver. It makes no sense from Philly's perspective to deal directly with the Nuggets.
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