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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
HTF does USC have anything to do with this? You think they hired Sark so that they could make an opening at UW and get Mora to take it? Lol. They hire someone cause they think he could be a good coach, it's not just the cherry on top of some dastardly plan.

I told you UW was making a run at Mora and I was right. UCLA sensed that where there was smoke there was fire. You guys then freaked out and backed up a brinks truck to keep him. That's what happened.
Lol, you think Snarks is more qualified than any of the coaches that were considered? Sumlin, Peterson, hell Saban was rumored. They were gonna pay their next coach 6 million or more. But they settled on an average Pac12 coach who has a losing record vs top 25 teams and doesn't have a great in conference record. This guy is a Kiffin clone, he's not a long term option and Haden is just waiting for a better crop of coaches to choose from. Meanwhile he takes Snark, and happens to be Mora's alum.

Of course U$C was hoping for mora to bolt, they've been losing recruiting battles and games to UCLA. Actually got a beatdown in their last two games.

UCLA did the right thing in paying Mora and his assistants, and also improve the facilities. Mora did a great job to leverage his clout to get what he and his assistants deserve. Also leveraged for better facilities, which is awesome.

A big factor in Mora returning was UCLA's recent commitment to building a new football-only facility. Key to this is UCLA recently securing a donor that will contribute a very large sum toward the construction of the facility.
UCLA is ready for big time football, and U$C is turning into a circus.
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