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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
dt had 601 career tackles and one interception.

No worries..

Derrick Thomas didn't play the run or the pass.

He was surrounded by talented players and focal point of the defenses in Kansas City.

He has 601 career tackles.

He has 1 I repeat 1 career interception.

He only led the NFL in sacks once. (1990)

In the biggest game of his career (a drubbing by the Bills) he was on the bench.

He never took his team to the next level. (3 career playoff victories)
How can he take a team to the next level? So he's a QB now? Are you really this stupid?

DT had more sacks than any player in the 90's with 116.5.

He holds the record for sacks in a game with 7, a record that many think will never be broken.

When he died, he was in the top 10 in all-time sacks and 3rd in LB's only behind Lawrence Taylor and Kevin Greene
He was also less than 10 sacks from passing LT on the all-time list, something he would have done had he not died.

God you're a clown. DT, Greene, and LT are the best pass rushing LB's in NFL history.

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