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Rod Smith

With the 29th pick in the 2014 Orangemane Mock Draft:

The New England Patriots select:

Irish Chocolate (His nickname not mine)

Louis Nix III - DT - Notre Dame

Whilst other GM's nit-pick through combine times and drills, the Patriots focus on what players have done in their collegiate careers to date and this guy was No1 on their board from the mid teens. They feared somewhat that the Chargers may take him at 25 given their obvious NT need but somehow he's still there.

Given the obvious issues with the Patriots internal DL positions at present, the selection is a total no-brainer. At this point they're not sure whether Vince will be a Patriot in a day's time, a week who knows. If he is or he isn't adding Louis to the Nix can only help a line that suffered against the run game last year with first year players Joe Vellano, Chris Jones and the former Patriot, Isaac Sopoaga (gimme that pick back Eagles). In one offseason you could literally say the Patriots defense has improved no end, with the acquistions of Revis and Browner on the back end and now Nix up front. Let us also not forget they managed to get rid of their worst linebacker in Brandon Spikes, which will now allow Bill to get the dynamic Collins, Mayo and Hightower all on the field at the same time and in what they feel are their best roles.

Selection was made at 11.41 PM (ET) -- The Pittsburgh Steelers and BowlenBall are officially "On The Clock."
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