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The Senate CR funds the government in the coming weeks at a level of $988 billion. The Democrats wanted $1.058 billion. But they passed a bill at Republican levels. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said late last week: ďMy caucus really didnít like that. We took a real hitÖSo thatís one of the largest compromises since Iíve been in Congress.Ē

Now why did they pass a bill at the GOPís preferred levels? Because, Reid said late last week, he had assurances from Boehner that the House speaker wouldnít attach demands to the Senate CR if Reid brought it in at $988 billion. So this whole thing started with a significant Democratic compromise. But once the Republicans decided that they were going to use both the shutdown and the debt ceiling to try to defund and/or delay Obamacare, they couldnít even vote for a bill that gave them a major fiscal victory. Thatís how dug in and crazy they are.
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