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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
We are working on a long term deal with Sid...heard something like 5 years to 8 years...Sid is going to take one for the team and take a discounted deal, something like 8.5 million...which is a huge bargain for the fact the max of 10m would be a huge bargain (assuming the 10m is tied to a long deal), because the cap and the max will continue to rise. If you lock him in at 8.5 its almost 2, 3 years, the max will prolly be around 13 million. If they can get him to sign a 8 year deal at 9 million per, that will be beyond awesome....although I've heard that he is willing to do that only if there are contractual guarantees that the team starts spending up to the cap immediately (i.e. starting next year), not waiting until the arena is built. I'm sure he's frustrated that the team still has not gotten any top notch wingers for himself and Geno...we are about 11 million under the ceiling and will prolly not be doing anything else this offseason unless a trade comes into play.

Speaking of Sid he looks good in a Kings uni...

EBAY stuff if you are interested Socal...
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