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Allen Iverson

Boykins won't be our starter. Remember, Watson started for Memphis a good chunk of last season. I know he was finishing games for them as well as Williams was too unpredictable.

The more I think about this deal, the more excited I get. One thing people forget is that Hodge can play the point for us as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see him and Earl on the court at the same time with Hodge running the point and Earl doing the gunning.

Two recent quotes from The Sports Guys articles:

28. "We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damned much. I miss being with you. I mess being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent. I miss your musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together."

To the Celtics' front office and coach Doc Rivers, who need to start saying similar things to Paul Pierce every day from this point on ... or else he's going to make Vince Carter's Operation Sabotage in Toronto look like child's play by comparison. Pierce is 28 years old, nearly made the NBA Finals three years ago, is the fourth-highest scorer in the league since 1997, and is one of those guys who watches old playoff games on ESPN Classic and NBA TV and wishes he was playing in them. You really think he wants to go through another rebuilding effort and bridge the gap between the Pierce/Antoine Era and the Green/Jefferson Era? Please.

(Prediction: This is going to end badly. Repeat: Badly. They're doing the right thing with the youth movement, but they need to move Pierce before they're getting 30 cents on the dollar in December. Which is precisely how this will play out. I'm telling you.)
24. Paul Pierce I kept waiting to see the following post on Craigslist this week: "Available: NBA superstar making max money, three years left on the deal, once led us within two wins of the NBA Finals, surprisingly durable for a shooting guard who attacks the basket, gives you a 25-6-6 every night, still in his prime, can be a little moody, probably just needs a change of scenery. Asking: 90-95 cents on the dollar (but willing to discuss). Please keep hush-hush. If interested, reply to"
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