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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
This team hasn't got a snowballs' chance in hell of a title. Anyone who thinks Peyton Manning is all that separates this team from being the best in the league hasn't got a clue. And the FO is proving that that's exactly what they think.
If Manning is healthy, and I agree that this is still a big question, absolutely he makes this team much, much better. Following your argument if the Broncos are only let's say 50% there (as their 8-8 record indicates) then bringing in a healthy Manning auto upgrades this team to 12-4. Yes, add a few more pieces, especially on defense and this team is a SB contender.

Just because you want Tebow to be the Broncos QB (and I am a big Tebow fan too but I'm realistic about his ability to effectively throw the ball and a consistent basis) does not deminish the fact that Manning is a massive QB upgrade. Organically speaking of course...

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