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my list of defenses better than KC:

1. Carolina - flat out ballin.
2. Seattle - best secondary in the league, aggressive, hits hard.
3. SF 49ers - with Willis healthy and Aldon Smith back, look for SF to climb back to the top. They had a rough start to the year, but have given up > 20 in only one game over the past seven; that was in New Orleans.
4. Bengals: even without Geno this team can play. Burflict was awesome last week.
5. Broncos: my thoughts are detailed here.

After that, there isn't a whole lot of difference. Saints, Chiefs, Jets, and Browns are all about even. They are all good defenses but have fatal flaws. If you want to argue Chiefs go next, I could see that, but I could also see Chiefs coming in around 9.

We should learn a lot next week, IMO. They shut down Rivers and the Chargers convincingly, I'd put them around 6.
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