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You do know he started for more than half the season last year, yes?

Also, kind of important to note that it does not matter WHY he was drafted where he was drafted, but THAT he was drafted where he was drafted at all. He was a first round pick. Period. He was traded for a fourth round pick. Period. He will now play backup QB and personal protector on the punt team.

First round pick.

I'm not sure where you get the "he never got a chance to compete" whiny bull**** narrative, but it ignores an awful lot of facts.
He was fine. He would have taken this team back to the playoffs again next year, with a better record than 8-8.

He just wasn't Peyton Manning, that's all.

And the price tag was low because of the timing. He was sold in a fire sale. Everybody knows if you want maximum value for a QB you wait until somebody needs one. For example, the Broncos got ZILCH for Orton, because of the timing. But if things were different, they might have gotten more.
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