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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
How could you be so wrong? Not just a wrong opinion, but 100 PERCENT WRONG on facts. There are no "10,000 scientists who disagree," and indeed there is no longer ANY DEBATE WHATSOEVER in the scientific community about whether man is the leading contributor to global warming.

February 7, 2006:

I'm liberal/progressive, but I am NOT an environmentalist. I strongly advocate drilling in ANWaR ... starting yesterday. Stab a straw deep in the ground, and suck it dry. I'm also not a Gore "carbon footprint" wacko. Nothing anybody does in the USA, or in the West generally, matters much anymore. China and India are 10x our size, and they show zero inclination to put the brakes on the fastest industrialization in history. We'll be lucky if they agree to any environmental regulation.

I'll grant you that Sally Next-door and those like her buying hybrid cars for example, have ZERO afect on the problem. It's 99% about making Sally feel good about herself and looking good to her friends. But that does not mean global warming is a myth - or man is not responsible. It just means there's nothing we can really do about it.

For every scientist that says man is the primary cause of climate change, you can find another who will say man is not. That is what I meant, and that is exactly the problem, there is NO consensus on what effect mankind has on climate. I am not saying man has no impact at all, but I find it hard to believe the oceans will rise 20 feet in the next 100 years, or that the north pole will become an expanse of open water simply because I choose a car that gets 10 mpg less then a hybrid. I dont think placing "greenhouse" caps on our industry will change anything, specifically because India and China are become industrial giants. Technology will find an answer, placing ridiculous limits on western economic and industrial growth because you dont want the temp to rise a .10th of a degree is ****ing stupid.

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