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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post

You made two statements -- one was right.

You and many others simply will not face reality -- you are being told what you want to hear -- that things are getting better -- and you swallow it.

How can things be better? The problems that created the 2008 melt down were not fixed. If anything -- it's worse now.,

The fed keeps kicking the can down the road. Meanwhile they mollify naive people like you via their media outlets (CBS, ABC, CNN etc)

You are also missing the fact that much of the market -- especially gold -- is being manipulated (shorted) downward. The present price is an artifact.

The terrible economy is pushing gold up -- it keeps trying to go up. The plunge protection team has to work overtime t keep it down.

Gold is the weathervane. The fed cannot allow gold to seek its real price. At some point, however, the manipulation will fail - -and gold will soar over 2000/ ounce.

People thought the same thing back during the depression, and there were people who thought the same thing during previous recessions. It's sluggish but the economy will get back on its feet.
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