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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Anyone notice the trend,with bad economy gold rises,when this economy gets back on its feet,I'm not going to feel bad for those that bought gold thinking it was a good investment.[/QUOTE]

Surely you jest.

Evidently you have been duped into thinking there is a recovery. How can there be a recovery with no jobs? It's just propaganda.

The fed printed $40 billion in QE 3 and gave it to the bankers at zero or near zero interest. Did they invest the cash in the real economy? That might have spurred a true recovery. But no the banksters bought US Treasury bonds which have a guaranteed 2% return.

Free money for them. No new jobs for the people.

As for the gold -- notice when the price started up -- Sept 11, 2001.

Only the plunge protection team has kept the price of gold and silver down. It is being manipulated down here in the US -- while the trend in China, Europe and elsewhere is to move higher.

Yeah,I forgot it's the end of the world,no chance the economy ever rebounds.
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