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Originally Posted by Jens1893 View Post
I donīt know how accurate this is.
Here's a good, up to date listing of the Avs cap situation:

Svatos is the only significant RFA (or, for that matter, UFA) the Avs still need to sign. After the sub par season he had, he will likely either accept his QO or get traded (maybe he is offered a one year deal for slightly more than his QO, but not much more). That leaves the Avs with about 6 or 7 million to spend. Plenty to sign either Forsberg or another significant signing and still have room left over to absorb salary in a midseason trade. There are still some good defensemen available (Brad Stuart, Tom Preissing, Danny Markov, Andy Sutton, etc.) and they could also use a forward to round out the bottom two lines.

The Avs are pretty stacked with top line talent right now so Forsberg probably isn't a priority, but I couldn't complain about him returning and finishing his career in an Avs uniform. It certainly wouldn't hurt.
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