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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Great stuff. I've listened to several GRRM discussions where he talks about how there are certain "butterfly effect" issues that D&D have to solve. For some reason, I've always thought something more would be of Patchface, so their decision to leave him out entirely is interesting to me. I think he'd have been a huge hit if done right, or a huge flop if not. For whatever reason, I've always thought Patchface would turn out to be some form of "Hodor" to the little princess that was important to the story.

I suspect one of the big "butterfly effect" issues is the killing of Mago in the first season. From his interviews, GRRM has indicated that Mago would play a significant role in the upcoming 6th novel. It will be interesting to see how the show runners work around that plot point.
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