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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Well, unfortunately their propaganda has been powerful enough that it will probably succeed for them in the mid-terms.
I doubt it.

Unpopularity doesn't equal support for repeal: Just as most national polling indicates that more people disapprove than approve of Obamacare, the surveys also are clear that more people want to keep rather than scrap the Affordable Care Act.

Nearly six in ten in the Kaiser study said Congress should work to improve the measure or keep it the way it currently stands. Just under three in ten advocated repealing the law or replacing it with a Republican-backed plan.

A majority of the 53% in the Pew poll who said they disapprove of the law still said they wanted to make the measure work. Just over half of those questioned in a Bloomberg national poll said Obamacare may need small modifications, but "we should see how it works. Thirteen percent said the law should be left alone, while just over a third advocated repealing the law.

Yet republicans are apparently committed to running on a platform of full repeal, no reform allowed. They're going to regret it.
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