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We're 2-3 heading into the grind months of the season. I think there is good reason for people to be concerned. Obviously, we have high expectations. If we could make it to the playoffs last year with Tebow, we should be able to make it this year with Peyton Manning. Anything less is failure - and someone should have to account for that failure. That someone is John Fox.

That said, I like Fox. I think he's a solid coach. I expect to see the team bounce back. The Patriots are a Superbowl calibre team, and while they had the edge on us all game long, we stayed competitive. But being competitive is not our goal - making the playoffs is.
The problem is that if this team doesn't make the playoffs it will be because glaring personnel weaknesses went mostly unaddressed. If Fox were an all-powerful GM/HC type, then yeah, you could blame Fox.

But this team's biggest failure was the "Manning is all that matters" offseason. And that's completely on the Front Office. And now that we've got a two to three year window, there's no time for superficial fall guys. Foxy is locked in for as long as the PMFM experiment rolls.

McCoy's the only one who's fair game I think (or maybe wish/hope ) He's now got maybe the best QB to ever play the game. No more excuses.
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