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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
We're 2-3 heading into the grind months of the season. I think there is good reason for people to be concerned. Obviously, we have high expectations. If we could make it to the playoffs last year with Tebow, we should be able to make it this year with Peyton Manning. Anything less is failure - and someone should have to account for that failure. That someone is John Fox.

That said, I like Fox. I think he's a solid coach. I expect to see the team bounce back. The Patriots are a Superbowl calibre team, and while they had the edge on us all game long, we stayed competitive. But being competitive is not our goal - making the playoffs is.
We all knew the schedule had 2 parts, the tough part which is the first 7 games and the easy part which is the last 9. I always felt that if we could get to 4-4 we could end up 11-5 just by winning games we would be favoured to win.

I think Fox has improved the team tremendously over the last season and a half, the defense is playing better now than it has been for many years and the offense is playing well without surprising anyone. In every of the 3 games we have lost, a few personal mistakes have been the difference between winning and losing. Against Atlanta the 3 early picks made all the difference - against Houston some defensive miscues and agains New England some careless turnovers. Those individual mistakes is not something a head coach can eliminate - does Manning throw 3 picks in every game? no, he has only thrown those 3 all season. Does Porter and Adams mess up coverage in every game? no they have done much better in other games. Does Mcgahee cost us 2 turnovers in every game?

A lot of pressure will be relieved when we beat up San Diego, people will start to realize that we lost to some very good teams and fortunately we don't have a whole lot of good teams left on the menu - we have lost 3 and that is certainly 1 more than I had hoped for, but the season is not over - far from it. Just remember that we are not the Chiefs, Raiders, Bills, Browns or Bucs - we are in fact a good team that has played good football in every game we have played.
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