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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I think Fox is a bit conservative but to say this has been bad coaching is really weak. He wasn't the one who turned the ball over 4 times in 1 quarter at Atlanta and he wasn't the one who turned the ball over 3 times in New England. It's hard to win in this league when you have more then 1 turnover anyway, let alone on the road against Atlanta and New England. These players need to step up and do a better job at ball security.

There's no way you can put this loss on coaching. The LB's we have (excluding Miller) are not elite. Oh yeah, we hear off and on that Woodyard is playing well but cmon guys, can we get real here. Miller is the only LAGIT LB we have and it's not even close. Woodyard would be a killer backup and nickle LB. Mays sucks, Irving sucks, Brooking nothing special, Trev a 6th round pick rookie. Serious, what do you think is going to happen out on the field against good teams.
Good coaching covers up flaws or don't trot no talent ass clowns like Joe Mays out onto the field. I knew as soon as we resigned him we were in for another long year on D. Teams are doing exactly what i said they would. Lots of toss plays and screens. A big part of that is because Mays. Resigning him is on coaching and the FO.
There isn't an excuse out there for the fake field goal against the Raiders. Lucky for us the Raiders suck. Then against the Pats, the the 3rd and 5 run play called after getting a 3 and out. You run a play like that when your winning, not down multiple scores. Not when you have PFM! Not when the pass game was moving up and down the field! Then the run play where McGahee fumbled. Yes he needs to secure the ball but why run the ball? Not to mention the half assed onside kick! The turnovers were huge but the coaching trying to get cute against a very well coachec Pats team killed us as well.
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