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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Hatcher left his feet on a hit tonight vs the dallas i really think your team is flat stupid this is getting to the point where it's ridiculas(lets see what happens).
me thinks somebody is just upset because a stupid team has a winning record, while his team of little figure skaters dosent. But hey at least you have more points then the caps, kings, coyotes and oilers, so your not totally last AGAIN.

I didnt see either hit cuz i had work to do on my supermoto to get ready for todays ride, im sure video will pop up sooner or later, and im sure suspensions are coming, and ya know what, it dosent matter.

It was awesome listening to the pregame, all the announcers could say is guys keep your heads up, guys keep your heads up, so the word is getting out, the rest of the league is getting scared, and rightfully so. Now once we get rid of this instagator rule we can hit ya then beat ya up for good measures.
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