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Originally Posted by killericon View Post
Is the Kidd pick a reach? I was stuck scrambling for a playmaking point guard to feed Jordan, and AI didn't feel like a good idea. Plus, defensively, my team is looking solid.
I dont think so. Heck, Nash went in the first round. I dont think that you can definitively say that Nash is a better player historically than Kidd. Kidd has been the modern king of the triple double, and can do it by racking up defensive stats like rebounding and steals. I didnt realize that his career statistics were so slight though. Personally, I would have taken him before Nash and after Cousy. I would have picked them 1. Oscar Robinson, 2. Magic, 3. Stockton, 4. Jerry West, 5. Cousy, 6. Isaiah Thomas, 7. Kidd, 8. Walt Frazier, 9. Nash?

Kidd has led teams to the championship round, and is always a playoff contender. He's the king of the trip-dub. He's also a winner (at least after he left Dallas ).
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