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Originally Posted by DeusExManning View Post
As a Lakers fan this feels like when the Lakers got beat by the Celtics, they were humiliated. It changed the Lakers they came back strong the next year and really committed to being physical and they won the next year.
And a more immediate example is...the San Francisco 49ers. Granted, they came up 1 play short in the NFC title game, but the previous two times they played at Seattle (the Russell Wilson era) they got pasted 42-13 and 29-3.

Neither road loss was quite as ugly or inexcusable as the performance Denver had Sunday, but it shows that even the toughest competition Seattle has right now has had a very up and down time against them. When they play well it's a close win or loss. Screw up even a few plays...Seattle has a way of blowing the game wide open.

Denver plays the entire 2013 AFC playoff field next year (including a likely even more improved KC and SD twice) and the entire NFC West (including a road trip to Seattle). I don't think the superstitious folks on this board need to worry about 13-3 happening again. But they also don't have to worry about the team going into the playoffs soft. If Denver can somehow fight their way back to the SB, they certainly won't have the excuse of not knowing what to expect.
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