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Yeah, it seems scary after what just happened. But really, I think this was as much of an avalanche game as I've ever seen. It started early and just rolled Seattle's way. Yes, they had a lot to do with it BUT, we allowed the game to be played their way.

But I really believe it could have been just as lopsided the other way. Just imagine if a jittery Holiday takes a smart touchback instead of hastily returning it to the 15, instead of a bad snap, an overly aggressive D is offsides on the first play giving Manning a free play that goes for 80. A quick three and out and 4 plays into the next drive after our offense does it's thing and converts a few first downs and now Seattle (rather than Denver) is pressing early resulting in a jacked up Earl Thomas concussing Richard Sherman while trying to help tackle DT. Sherman out for the game, quick TD to DT and you get the picture...No deer in the headlights, we stay calm and play our brand of football and it's 43-8 Denver.

My point is, yes there are steps that need to be taken to toughen and better prepare this team but I don't see any reason to believe Seattle isn't beatable.

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