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A new beginning!
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Watermock - RIP

At first when I heard he was coming I was like, ehhh not much of an improvement. The kid is young and got out of favor in New Orleans/Oklahoma City. But now that I have watched him play, caught almost every game, he is growing on me. The dude can ball and he is still a raw talent. Makes me respect Karl a little more as you can see what coaching has done for him.

I also am just absolutely exstatic on Carmelo this year. That dude has grown up big time. Not only is he on fire scoring but he makes some nasty passes for assists and is tied for 5th in steals. At first I thought he was going to be a punk but he has changed my thinking on him.

I have always liked Camby I just hope he stays healthy. I also wonder how much Nene can contribute now, he gets injured if you blow at him.

I also think that Boykins is a momentum killer. He comes in and all of a sudden he starts pulling up and taking shots that aren't needed. That kills the stride of the team.

Finally, I think that Kenyon, chump, Martin being injured and away from the team and locker room has done wonders. I think he was a virus last year and with him gone and his ego out of the rotation the team has solidified. Maybe I am biased but that joke has to go.
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