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Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
I agree that having a team that bottoms out in the postseason is a waste of time. I live in KC as well, and seems like some fans are mixed. Some almost miss the Marty years.

We all know he didn't win in the playoffs much, but in his 10 years, they did have 3 playoff wins. He has all of KC's playoff wins since Super Bowl IV. He had a trip to the AFC Championship Game. In the 12 following seasons, KC has had only 3 trips to the postseason, and 0 playoff wins. Think it's pretty obvious that he was by far the best coach the Chiefs have had, since Hank Stram.

So really, the bar is set very low for KC. Even a repeat of his last 6 years in Philly, would likely be seen as success, at least by most fans

Far as Dorsey and Reid go, it seems they are doing a good job, but many fans felt the same about Pioli and Haley early in their tenure, and they had a 10 win season and a divisional title to their credit. I think we need to see how KC responds their next 3 games before we really have much of an idea
The best coach signing for kFc this year was Dave Toub. They will have big punt and kick returns because of his success as a ST coach. This will give there noodle armed QB a short field to work with and they will be able to score points as long as Charles can play. If they loose Charles it will be like the Jags game when he had to come out, no drives and no points.
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