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I don't think anyone would argue against that point. It's just him being the best known commodity available, was more a reflection of a weak QB free agency class, more so then it does about him being a true franchise QB. Someone in the draft class probably ends up having a better career then Alex Smith, although who that is, really is anyone's guess.

Guess I can't really bash it that much, considering if Manning had signed with SF, there's a decent chance Denver turns to Alex Smith... although they aren't giving up two 2nd round picks in the process.

Still, in today's NFL, you pretty much have to have someone that can carry the team at times, and Smith likely isn't that.

Serious question, if KC goes to the playoffs, the next few years but KC still can't win in the postseason, is it seen as a good move? At what point is it more beneficial to take a risk in the draft, then have the known commodity?
Absolutely not. My Brother lives in KC. He was a big fan of Schottemheimer but got sick to death of Schottenheimer pissing down his leg in the play offs. Most of the folks there agree. 10-6, 11-5 hell, 13-3 are nothing more than a waste of time if you can't move past the first round of the playoffs.

The last GM (Pioli) was a complete and utter idiot. Good riddance. I mean, seriously. When the fan base begins flying banners over the stadium demanding his firing - what can you say??

John Dorsey ""seems" to have it together. Reid has brought stability (and apparently a little pride) to this team after many years of nonsense.

Shoot, I'm just glad to see another team in the AFCW bring a little respectability back to this pitiful conference. It's about high time.
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