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Reid made it clear that he thought this was a "win now team". By win now, he elaborated that he believes this team has a chance be in the race to make the playoffs this year. Do you think any rookie QB this year could have lead this team to that? I honestly don't.
I think it's very questionable at this time that any rookie QB would be a better value pick than Smith. EJ Manuel looks good, but there was no way we were taking him first overall.
Very few coaches are going to say otherwise. It is a "win now" league, and you can't have a coach that is doubting whether it is possible for the team to have success. Again, think it is obvious Smith improves KC's chances of winning this year, more so then any Rookie QB. Just not sure how high that ceiling is, and if a bunch of 9-10 win seasons would be deemed as success or not by the KC fanbase. And even that, is hardly a given

Their first 9 games definitely create the possibility of them having a hot start, and staying in the playoff race... but their schedule after the bye will not be easy. Will depend on what other teams do, just as much as what KC does.
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