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Originally Posted by TerrElway View Post
Spot on how I feel Kaylore. Right down to the Sherlock reference. May be the best thing on TV.

It just amazes me people get so uptight about this stuff. I think it's a by product of loving this stuff (ST and SW) as a child and then growing up. You grow up and your tastes change and (possibly) become more sophisticated. I think too many people forget to look at them through the same lens you did as a kid. Did you care about acting or plot holes? Nah. You wanted a fun story and cool new stuff and just to see your fave characters in action again. Not sure why people as adults can't look at these movies in the same way. Sure, it helps appeal to our "adult" standards if the movies are well-acted etc. etc. but I just think sometimes the ST and SW fan boys expect waaaaaaayyyy too much.

Making a Star Trek and Star Wars flick is a film maker's Kobayashi Maru test.

I cannot speak for others, nor would I presume to, but I personally get uptight about the Star Trek reboots because they are poorly written. You mentioned Sherlock and to a large degree I find it enjoyable because it is well written. Now, its not perfect nor it is completely free of the occasional narrative plothole, and it is never a good thing when the audience is figuring out the mystery well in advance of the near mythical genius protagonist, but it remains a well written product with clever dialog and strong characterization.

The Star Trek reboots, well they are not well written. And I mean they are not well written in the same way I mean that Denver did not perform well against the Seahawks this past February. Abrams is a slick producer so he was able to cobble together an almost decent film (almost, but not quite) from the train wreck of the first script. But, I don't think that Francis Ford Coppola in his prime with the help of all the cocaine in Columbia could have saved the second one. Kurtzman and Orci are just bad. Look at their filmography. Its the hit list of crap summer movies from the past decade. Yet Hollywood keeps giving these guys work because they tend to work with directors who can at least pair their crap writing with pretty images and sucker idiots into parting with their money to see it.

And no, making a Star Wars or Star Trek film is not a Kobayashi Maru test. It can be done. But it requires a good script. The last few iterations of booth franchises have not possessed a good script. It is that simple.
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