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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
saucey? lol i guess we don't see eye to eye on this subject (iam droppin it) i consider you guys my friends no sense ****** that up for nothing.
Discuss bro. I aint gonna get mad. You do have another opinion and that's cool with me. The only comparison I can use is the Broncs. Tell me you don't love seeing Lynch, or Atwater or DS49 absolutely crushing someone. Well, alot of those times, the League and the opposing fans viewed them as dirty hits.
Remember the battles we had with Dulphin fan after Chris Chambers got his head taken off by our saftey? I can't remember who the S was. Eric Brown maybe, or Kenoy kennedy. It was before Lynch was here. We all viewed it as a great hit and Dulphin fan was crying up a storm and our S got either fined or suspended or both.
Same thing. The home fan views it a different way. Am I right? In my eyes yes. Doesn't really matter who is right though. All that matters is what the league says. I am laughing at the NHL at this point and I hope they keep suspending us because that means the Flyer refuse to let up and thats what I want as a Flyer fan.
You're still a Bronco brother no matter what you say on the subject.

Even though you are completely out of your mind!
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