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Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
Our last score was too slow when you are down 14 pts.... Reid and clock management, BTA, it does no good to rush it and not score. I will cut them some slack here.

When we got in the red zone, I wanted to slow it down, didn't want Manning with a last chance in regulation like Rivers got.

Of course, Reid has a brain fart and throws the ball 4 straight times when you have LC and Davis, both capable of getting to the end zone and killing the clock some.

Alice throws the ball to Bowe when McGrath was open across the middle.....

As a team, we just are not where we need to be.
Too bad the trade for your QB hamstrung you even more. Plus winning 9+ and getting into the playoffs will move you into the mid to early 20s' in the rounds you do have picks in. Going to have to trade down to try to find a way to fill all those holes.

BTW those types of throws were what got you to 9 wins, complaining that they fail when they have to throw vertical rather than to LOS is lame considering all the times they did throw it down field and had drops. Even if that last ball hits Bowe in his hands clean he likely drops it anyway.

I am surprised Alice didn't run more earlier especially when you were up 14 and his drives started to stall.
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