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M. Salah

I've stated on this board a few times that I am of Greek heritage. Even though I was born in the USA, my parents and grandparents have ensured that our Greek background has been around in my life, whether it be the language, the food, and most importantly our faith.

So with that said, my ears always perk up when Greece is involved in anything, mostly sports. I was pumped to see this game, set my alarm to watch it and all that.

Now, I couldn't just "flip the switch" and stop rooting for the USA, or more importantly stop rooting for a player who's career I've followed closely for 3 years now. But I figured, if the USA was going to get bounced by a team, I'd rather it be Greece than Manu and the Argentines or Pau and the Spaniards. And by the same token, if Greece is going to lose, I'd rather it by Melo & Co.

Truth be told, I rooted for the USA and was just hoping for the Greeks to keep it respectable and not get stomped. But wow, they definitely did me one better on that. They played great.

Free Throw shooting killed us. If we even made half of the FT's we missed, we would have won. Defense killed us on that high pick & roll, and I'm wondering what was going on wiht Coach K that he couldn't stop it. I mean, I realize that you can't have a full defense or offense when you have a team that has been together 3 weeks, but something could have been done, I think.

Melo took the last 3-pointer, a quick, contested shot that air-balled. I feel bad for him, you never want your guy to miss that shot. But Fraschilla put it best: "He missed, but he's been the only one even keeping the Americans in it. Yeah it was quick and contested, but you really can't blame Carmelo for taking that shot." He was right. You really can't fault Melo for it. Bad shot sure, but with 27 ticks left, the US wasn't going to get a better one, and Melo was the only one even remotely playing well.

Anyways, go USA for Bronze, go Greece for Gold.
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