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Crash the plane HOGAN!!!

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As per usual, the spineless cowards can't deal with the issue that was brought to the forefront;
1)the great lie that population demographics don't matter ( we are all the same), 2)that wealth and achievement disparity for whites is due to " white privilege". 3)That little behavioral issues that manifest themselves early beginning in school and the consequences for that anti social behavior have a "disparate impact" on black people 4) that genetics don't play an underlying role in everything ( it's all socioeconomic right you cowards?)

The fact is when we hear people on TV and in news articles using terms such as " disparate impact" " white privilege" and equality of outcomes, these talking heads are inching the sheeple to accepting artificial outcomes and wealth and job redistribution. Not only are you all naive cowards, you're complicit in the demise of America as a meritocracy. Congratulations you vermin
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