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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
The league is addressing the head hunting (NOW) and downie stepped up first in line (a harsh suspension) right away should help curb the head shots problem (that is way over due BTW) someone is going to get killed if they don't address it early. Pass incidents are meaningless right now chada the NHL is addressing the problem now on a easy target a NHL hopeful that was probably being sent down anyways downie has nobody to blame but himself.
which is fine, and i agree sorta, but the league needs to be consistant, which means socals man colby armstrong should miss half the season with hits like last 10 seconds and this too and this too

aslong as all the hits are punished equal its ok, but im betting there is a similar hit before the end of october that dosent get the same punishment.

BTW how exactly have they decided to take action on this, what rule was brought in to address this ? NONE, there is no rule inplace other then the 2 i mentioned that gets him any sort of suspension. They had talks about it, thats fine, the game isnt played governed by talks its governed by rules.

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