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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Go ahead and see how far your fantasies of fighting off the gubmit go with the populace outside of the RKBA purist nujobs.

In the meantime, tell us how we can lessen the ~100,000 deaths and injuries from firearms we have every year.

PS - More guns in more hands in more places ain't the answer.
Cutthemdown gave you your answer. Beavis simply doesn't have an answer. Cut thinks that those deaths and injuries are a small price to pay for the fun and false sense of security gun ownership provides. Beavis thinks they're a small price to pay for the right to be paranoid about a massive government takeover.

Neither stance is based in any sense of rational, reasonable thought, nor are they based on amy sort of statistical evidence, and neither person is really interested in the reduction of violence. They simply want to keep their guns, and need to hide behind those stances because they can't really provide any compelling reason there needs to be those types of weapons available to the general public.

And Beavis, Hamilton wasn't pointing to the necessity of an armed populace in the sense you're thinking of. "Trained in the discipline and use of arms" is the exact phrasing that many of the military drill manuals of the day used.

Militias. Context.
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