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Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
Investment strategy:
Get a paper route. Save $1000 a month from the paper route. At the end of the year you have $12,000 to invest. Put the money with a trading account. Do this for three years. At the end of three years you have studied the market three years, saving $36,000, talked to numerous people about crap you know nothing about and then, by some miracle you will have defeated inertia and have a stake at the big table. Viola!

I am not a savvy stock trader. I am not a brilliant investment strategist. I am not anybody. I'm just a dude learning this crap same as anybody here. Most people don't want to admit they don't know crap about the market. Many of my mentors have come back to me with humbling stories and asked ME for investing advice. The trick is destroying inertia.

I have had several opportunities to be a millionaire just like you have. Who knows where I could be if I had at least THOUGHT about investing in Microsoft, Apple, or Google early in their inception.

It takes humility to learn this crap. You have to be willing to ask the biggest and dumbest questions you can imagine.

I have a secret friend who is creating his own bank. He is a very private person who is being mentored by some very influential people. He is going to take special care of the investors, like myself, who have invested early. It's like having imaginary friends only better.
I'd rather make cold calls for my Soil & Water remediation product. See, i'm investing in this business with SWEAT. Find an opportunity & build it, right?

It's paying off though - I won't get too public on what's going on - but... long term - in 5 years I am targeting to be sitting well.

I have a product that cleans up messes from Monsanto & Dupont's ****ty pesticides. It also allows farmers to use LESS food to grow plants. It also increases plant health. When using in a water culture (Hydroponics/Aquaponics) - it helps stabilize PH and keeps the system clean. Also helps break down unspent food & salts into bio-available forms of N-P-K. (what does this mean Ody? It means that as a business (food production) - you get more consistent yields + less $ on food spent = more profit)

Now, I just need the market to know it exists.

Oh, did I also mention that this helps break down petro-chemicals in soil & water?


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