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Howard Griffith

Originally Posted by Broncochica View Post
TGN, you just don't get it.... and you never will cause your dislike for a kid who tries so hard to be the best for his team is way too much that you can't see anything else but hate for him.

It's not HATE for him. I was pissed when we drafted him, trading valuable picks which we needed to beef up our sieve of a defense, then half of the Bronco fan base started the same old "he's the next Elway BS", which wasn't even close to reality because his "winning style in Gatorville" wont transfer to the NFL. Sure the kid works hard, but hard work doesn't mean that you are destined for greatness if you have two left hands, no brain and aren't trainable.
You and all the others seem to think that my dislike for Tebow is all due to his religion/ faith. Newsflash: I have many friends who are as religious "as they come" and my family, on both sides are as religious "as they come". And guess what? I don't hate them.
IMO, the Tebow experiment was a failure from the "get-go" and we are going to be stuck with him because he isn't, and never will be a starting caliber QB in the NFL.

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