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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
You have no clue as to the environmental impact of power lines and cell towers. Maybe you should read up.

that article pointed out 6 possible factors - maybe you should go back and re-read the material as well as do some research to what i just listed for you.

Actually I do have a clue and after reading what you posted I think you need to look deeper. Neither you nor the person in that article did their homework. The original study done in Germany (which again was one study that already has holes) wasn't even tested against radio waves, which is what Cell phones work off of. It was testing magnetic field influence from cordless phones. This throws the entire premise for the warning out the window because it was a case where the author of the story misunderstood what the scientists were doing. So it's really just bad journalism. (Though I don't believe electromagnetic fields are killing bees either).

If this was really happening, then other insects that have anntenae would be dying off as well. They aren't.
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