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Justin Simmons

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Yep we are going thru the same thing in Utah. Have had only two snow storms this winter with any measurable snow and that was only about an inch each time and melted within 4 hours. Last year was much the same. While I've enjoyed the spring like temperatures throughout the winter, we do need water. However, the weather people here cry wolf about our water supply every year even when we get dumped on.
Amen on the weather people. Two years ago we had record snow and they were all lamenting that it wasn't doing any good. All the lakes and reservoirs were at or over capacity and it just wasn't enough. This summer and fall were some of the wettest on record and it just wasn't enough.

Now we aren't getting ANY precip and I finally believe the weather guys that it JUST ISN'T ENOUGH!

They can't accurately predict the weather 2 days out so I trust them as much as ManRam trusts a kicker.

Having grown up on a farm, I saw how big a deal weather is to those who make their living off the land and I still tend to look at it through the agricultural eye (even though I'm solidly a suburbanite these days) and the absence of a decent winter worries me a lot. You would think that a blocking high pressure would eventually move but it's been in place for months.

I blame John Fox.
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