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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Actually the point is that (especially at his "geriatric age" ) he just might need a little bit of time to get into "football shape" -- significantly more time than a young player like Von would need. It isn't Champ's fault that he had the misfortune to be re-injured earlier in the season. While one can say "well, he just can't get healthy" -- it's also a fact that an injury can happen on any play in the NFL and the player's age doesn't matter. What's "silly" is judging his future based on limited playing time in his first game back after injury.
Hard to get back into shape when you're constantly returning to the sideline to nurse the injury of the moment.

I haven't given up hope that he returns to full-strength and that when he does so he will be as good as he was last season, but it's becoming very hard to see that happening this year. When he's been in this season it seems like he's just been burnt on comeback routes and throws to the sideline over and over again until he heads to the sideline himself with an injury.

Assuming that his body isn't completely giving up on him, I think there's definitely a spot on this team for the guy. He's as good a tackler as we've had for years and aside from blitzing the QB could theoretically bring to our secondary something like Woodson offers the Raiders.
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