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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Oh, I got the facts alright...just like I got it right (very early on) in the Dumervil case. Your overzealous political punkass comments are lame. Nobody cares, get a clue.

Aaron Hernandez destroyed evidence that would have been crucial to a homicide investigation. It's a felony, sped. Thanks for playing.

Don't worry, the police have evidence...and plenty of it.

That tweet is pretty crazy, but it's completely unrelated to your b*tch comment. It's a Patriots reporter wishing that Hernandez hid all the evidence so he doesn't get caught. Mind blowing how twisted on reality you have to be to put football over justice in a homicide case.

Lets see your evidence or proof............

**** got nothin as usual.

And if your gonna reply with a ****ing tweet don't expect others to read your ****ed up twisted little mind.

Say what you mean

There is no proof that has been made public that you know anything about...............shut up and quit trying to act like you know anything.

Big feeling asswipe, dude you should be a PATS FAN.

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