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Meh, they have enough to tie a rental car to Hernandez and find his whereabouts, know that he destroyed two data sources and convinced a judge that not only was a search warrant necessary but worthy of state police assistance, K9's, and evidence removed from house.

All of this happened within days of the murder. Heck the SUV and surveillance WAS the next day. They are getting their ducks in a row and do not want another OJ. The DA probably wants an air tight case. I would say they have plenty of substantial evidence but want a case so tight it eats a quarter and spits out two dimes and a nickle.
I think at this point they have a lot of circumstantial evidence. What I would guess they are hoping for is the murder weapon or DNA evidence tying the victim to Hernandez directly. I do think that they will arrest him and charge him for murder either way, but without solid physical evidence of his involvement in the crime they are probably worried his lawyers will get him off OJ Simpson style.
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