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John Mobley

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
No substance? You're right Fed vets dying on waiting lists is a non substance issue to progressives. They would rather talk about what the sea level will be in 200 yrs.

Meanwhile no matter how you spin it another failure for Obama. He said he would fix the VA then never checked up on crap. No accountability in this administration at any level.

Not Bushs fault.
Both are at fault and neither is to blame. This VA crap has been going on forever. My experience with the VA with my ex was unbelievable. I removed him from the VA hospital as the conditions and treatments were something out of a horror movie. Because of that I was told they would not allow him to get treatments he needed. I told them like I would EVER bring him back for anything from them. He had been there for 10 days after being transferred from the ICU at another hospital. He had not improved at all and after just 2 weeks at home, with his family taking care of him, he was almost back to normal.

With each new President I listen to see what improvements they might make and it all sounds promising but they let it all go. They need to start with internal controls and first improve the conditions and people who work at the hospitals. Let's spend money there for the guys that sacrificed.

Cut, you need to come up with something better to bash/blame Obama. The crap you are coming up with shows a lack of awareness and just a topic for you to jump on and look clueless. And I'm not just talking about this one.
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