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Originally Posted by baja View Post
What you are missing is there is and always has been an agreed on value of gold which means you 'pay' the guy in gold the value of the solar panels and the seller has a convenient instrument of value to exchange for what ever he might need, say seeds for example. The seller of the seeds uses the gold he received to buy, lets say a horse and uses the gold for the purchase. All gold serves is a transfer conveniently goods and services for one person to another exactly as currency is used to day but because there is only so much gold it can't be devalued by creating more gold out of thin air like the fed is now doing with the creation of trillions of dollars.
I understand what your saying. Your saying that gold is the currency through which the guy and I would do business.

What I'm saying is that if we were living in an apocolyptic time where all you had was your ability (some kind of skill people value like a gun maker) and everyone lived through a bartering system (kinda like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) then gold would be relatively worthless because it's a luxury item, not a survival item. You would need food, water, shelter, clothing and some kind of a skill that you could use to barter with others for things you need.

If all you had was a bunch of gold, and no skill to make things that people need and no service that people would need (Mock would need a male prostitute) then you will not survive.

Wow, this thread has gotten wierd.
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