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Originally Posted by cbs1177 View Post
Things I learned from survivor:
1. Never play with another man's wife
2. There really is such a thing as a 12 hour waiver
3. You can tell a teammate that "hey fixing to make up some stuff"
Then the very next morning get chewed out b/c they thought I sold them out
even though I was very up front
4. There is a special place where people meet to make spreadsheets for this
5. STG doesn't like me b/c she never answered any of my PM or posts.
6. CBF and myself are really cousins we got some of the same family members
in that tree of life thing

I don't think you ever pm'd me this game. I like you...but, didn't trust you after you were so easily swayed by a few lies last year. Either that, or you were just using me. Eh, but what's new!
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