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Default 10 questions for hockey fans

1. Did the players participating in the new “Breakaway Challenge” know anything about the contest before they stepped on the ice?
2. Is there any explanation as to why the league would announce the games to be held in Europe next fall before the Players gave their approval?
3. Did the camera guy skating behind the players at the All Star Super Skills competition realize that he was providing the worst camera angle in television history?
4. Did Barry Melrose actually pick the Montreal Canadiens to win the conference, or was that just his mullet talking?
5. Did Dallas really give Mike Ribeiro $5 Million a season? His stats look good, but I haven’t seen much of him this season - Maybe because have seats in the corner!
6. Does it even matter who the Leafs hire as a GM?
7. Is anyone in the league better than Alex Ovechkin…Really?
8. Does Gary Bettman look like Pee-Wee Herman to you?
9. Will Forsberg return to the NHL this season?
10. The Ducks are visiting the White House to be honored by President Bush - Do you actually think he gives a crap?
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